Med School by the “Numbers”

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Hey guys, Theresa here!

For my second blog post, I thought I’d try my hand at making an infographic (which are really fun to make, btw)! I decided to do a little summary on kind of the “numbers” med schools look for in applicants. I put numbers in quotation marks because these just include MCAT, GPA, etc. but in no way do these make up your entire application. When I was a pre-med, I used these figures to set goals in terms of my academic credentials. That being said, a good med school applicant is way more than a few numbers. I know many students who got into med school with a “below-average” MCAT or GPA. Conversely, I know many students as well that didn’t get in with an excellent MCAT score and a 4.0. Good “numbers” might get you an interview, but the rest of your app will get you admitted. Med schools (and every other health care professional school) looks for well-rounded individuals, of whom they can tell really want to go into this profession. Schools want students with vibrant experiences who show real passion for health care. Of course, each school looks for something different in applicants, so it is vital to do research on schools and see if you would be a good fit or, more importantly, if they are a good fit for you.

So don’t let these numbers scare you! Use it as a guide or motivation to keep going. I know being a pre-med is super stressful, but it is all worth it when you get that first acceptance!

For those already in med school reading this, I hope this infographic makes you feel proud! In 2014, only 41% of applicants actually got in. Med school can make you feel really dumb sometimes, but just remember you wouldn’t be in the 41% if you weren’t awesome and smart!

Theresa ❤



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