RxIGHT -The Newest Innovation in Pharmacogenetics

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I couldn’t be more excited to share tonight’s post — another breakthrough in the world of pharmacogenetics! A few days ago, I read about RxIGHT, a pharmacogenetic test, which is the product of MD Labs.

In my previous post about pharmacogenomics (The Miracle Cancer Cure & Pharmacogenomics), I spoke a little about how each person is different, therefore we should not expect all therapies to be effective for everyone. By using the patient’s specific genome, we will be able to find appropriate therapies the first time around. No more guess work. No more wasted time, money, and energy. RxIGHT is an amazing tool that can help us to accomplish this with ease. We will be able to bypass therapies that won’t work and help the patient from the get-go.

They often emphasize the 7 Rights of Medication in pharmacy school — the right medication for the right patient at the right time at the right dose given by the right route for the right reason to produce the right response. A lot of “rights”, I know. But if you think about it, all of these elements are absolutely crucial for optimal patient care. With all of these “rights”, it is only appropriate to label this pharmacogenetic test with the same name. According to their website, RxIGHT is a test that patients can take (a cheek swab); their genetic profile is then measured against 200+ medications (including over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs) across 14 therapeutic categories (classes of drugs). Once the swab is sent in to the lab, your pharmacist will receive results detailing how your body is able to metabolize medications. This will ultimately help doctors to prescribe drugs that actually work for you without the negative side effects that come with medication trial and error.

In the health care world, errors happen more than they should. Patients more than likely are not aware of any of their genetic nuances that could affect how medications work in their bodies. Doctors are prescribing only the medications that they know best, even if it might not work for the patient. And pharmacists are filling the scripts and handing them off to the patients, assuming any potential issues have already been discussed in the doctor’s office. This cycle could be broken with this simple test. Medication errors would be significantly decreased and patients would see better health outcomes.

RxIGHT is a tool that helps health care professionals to eliminate any unnecessary medications, helps to provide the correct therapeutic dosing for each individual patient, and gives the patient the personalized medical approach based on their own body’s genetic needs. A patient’s time is precious. They deserve to have the best health care that we can provide as professionals.

This is an amazing new test. As always, I encourage you to check out their website and keep up with the latest!        http://www.rxight.com/



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