What They Don’t Tell You About Pharmacy School: Semester 2

Howdy guys!

I can’t believe it, but I actually made it (almost!) through my first year of pharmacy school! I only have 4 more finals this week and then I can officially say that I am a P2!

So, on to the good stuff –what are some things to expect while in your second semester of pharmacy school?

  1. You start to come to the realization that there are more facets to pharmacy than just your usual retail setting. We were exposed to the world of personalized medicine/pharmacogenomics, job opportunities in specialty pharmacy, the art of modern compounding, and the very sterile world of IV/infusion pharmaceuticals.
  2. Prepare to have your blood pressure taken by your classmates an unhealthy amount of times. I’ve had my blood pressure taken approximately 1.2 million times this past year, and I am confident in saying that some of my classmates still need to learn how to do it. My limp arm can’t stand to be the guinea pig any longer.
  3. The alarming amount of paranoia you begin to feel after taking pathophysiology courses. After every lesson, no matter what it’s concerning, you start to feel as if you immediately are having symptoms of whatever disease state you just learned about. We learned about pulmonary embolisms one day, and accordingly, I started having unsettling pains while I was breathing (turns out it was probably just a panic attack…or really bad acid reflux). You learn about intestinal parasites, and all of a sudden you can’t stop itching all night and have severe diarrhea for the duration of the lessons. You see my point.
  4. Not only did I get to compound my first capsule and mix my own cream, I also got to make my own natural remedy for insect bites. Ah, the wonders of natural medicine!
  5. Suddenly, you realize that pharmacy school isn’t as hard as it was when you first started. You start to remember more things. Old lessons from last semester are coming back to haunt you … I mean, coming back in greater detail so you can build on your knowledge. You actually start to learn about how medicines work. You are actually starting to learn what you came here to do!

Stay strong! If I can make it, so can you!



2 thoughts on “What They Don’t Tell You About Pharmacy School: Semester 2

  1. I just finished my last final of first year a few days ago! You can make it!! 🙂 And everything you said is so relatable, my arm is so used to being squeezed haha. And I love your last point, I mean it’s still hard, but at the same time you realize at the end of it how much you actually know and some fundamental things start to stick. I’m looking forward to second year 🙂

    Good luck!!

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  2. All of the hard work, the late nights, the worry, will be vague memories when you reach your goal. We are incredibly proud of you, every minute, every day. Soon there will be time to relax and recover. When the next year begins, you will enter with a renewed spirit and determination. This is your dream. Believe in yourself and all that you have to offer.

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