What They Don’t Tell You About Pharmacy School: Semester 3

As I write this post, I’m happy to say that I’ve finally made it through the first semester as a P2!! It’s only going to get harder, but I have to celebrate the small victories. As I’ve done in the past, at the end of each semester, I will share with you my experiences as a second year, first semester pharmacy school student!

  1. The Dreaded “TBL” – The TBL, or Team Based Learning, begins. I know that TBLs are used in other health profession schools as well, but I can’t speak to what they are like. They are worth a significant portion of your grade, you must spend a significant time preparing for them, and worst of all, you have to rely on your team and their knowledge to get you through the activity. We’ve all had both good and bad team experiences. Let’s just say, as the semester progresses, teammates get lazier and lazier and put in less work for your quizzes and participation. TBLs can be very bad.
  2. The silly classes are over. Oh, how I’ll miss the days of  “The History of Pharmacy Practice” and “Communications in Pharmacy”. As I reminisce on the classes that I barely had to study for, I am instead taking  “Toxicology”, “Pharmacology”, and “Pharmacokinetics” (all of which take at least 10 hours to study for *sigh*).
  3. I miss first year OSCEs. I’ll be the first to admit that last year, I hated my first year OSCEs. Now that I’m doing second year OSCEs that are infinitely more difficult, that incorporate disease states and symptoms that I haven’t even learned about yet, I think it’s safe to say I miss the days of just having to take blood pressure. Or memorizing a physical exam that I’m literally never going to do again in my life, and certainly not in practice. A lot more is expected of you, and my confidence is often shaken, but everyone makes it out okay.
  4. The Care Plan. Don’t get me started on these. Why must I fill in the same information about a patient in six different spots on the chart? Why, oh why, must I come up with a patient friendly way to ask them what their POEMs are, just for the sake of the chart? Most frustrating is, why does every teacher grade these differently and therefore, it’s almost impossible to get a perfect score on them?!
  5. If you just can’t, there’s always Margarita Monday. Sometimes, Mondays are bad. Sometimes our entire week is bad. Sometimes our TBL group mates aren’t reliable, and our teachers take entirely too long to upload grades that you’ve been waiting and waiting for. But Margarita Monday is always reliable. Every single Monday.

Short post this time, but it’s time for me to start getting ready for Christmas!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and I’ll be back to write soon!



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